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Steven Mana Trink, inspired by Bruce Lipton Ph.D., leading authority on how our perception influences genetic expression, is a visionary in the field of personal transformation. In addition to being a Master Hypnotherapist, Epigenetic Therapist, Educator and Author, Mana is a natural mentor and spiritual teacher. His 25 years of heartfelt devotion, centered on vibrational medicine, healing and joyous living, inspires us to embrace a higher consciousness that is founded in love.

Mana empowers us to perceive a greater awareness to the purpose of life, to flourish at our highest potential and to experience living a new and fulfilling reality. He guides us in lifting the veil, uncovering our inherent wisdom and embracing the presence of the love that always resides within.

Steven Mana Trink appeared along with Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith, Master Zhi Gang Sha, Barbara De Angelis and Jean Houston in Sharon Stones’ transformative and inspiring documentary “The Cure”, a worldwide journey into healing the mind, body and planet.